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Deco nail
Deco nail

High quality nail stickers developed for professional use

bibi deco
bibi deco

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Essential tools for nail art such as our original tweezers

The Deco Nail Artist(DAN) Business Model

Reduction of promotion expenses : offer a one-fingernail trial of DAN decoration.
Let customers experience the high quality and design of our products.

Reduction of physical burden : In just 20 to 30 minutes, you will have beautiful decorated nails.
Save time, less stress.
Members of DAN believe in quality and outstanding service.(Decorated nails last for a week; compare to others.)

A New Lifestyle with Nail Art
If you use more than two items, you will get a design that is more gorgeous.
For brittle, peeling, splitting nails, Nail Art provides protection to strengthen them.
Dermatologist approved the adhesive for Nail Art Deco safe.

Our nail technicians, "Deco Nailist", win the highest praise at nail salons, esthetic and hair salons.
The Deco Nail Artist Network (DAN Network) supports Deco Nailist activity in Ibaraki, Tokyo, Yokohama, Chiba, Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe, Kochi, and Fukuoka.
Deco Nailist provides demonstration events with original and popular designs.

Purchase more than three items to provide "Deco Art", original and popular designs.
10 colors and 10 Deco Art designs coats only [¥3000]
Option : Soft-filing(Simple trimming service by nail filing)
Technical fee : 10 coloring and 6 Deco Art [¥2000~¥2100]
10 coloring and 10 Deco Art [¥2300]
Deco Nail original tips : 10 coloring and 6 Deco Art (Nail tips included) [¥3780]
10 coloring and 10 Deco Art (Nail tips included) [¥4200]

Deco Nailist takes customer's desired shape and customer receives them in an hour or so.
Fashionable and changeable nails: At nail salon, customers receive luxury treatment.
Time, technique level, and location defferences may affect profit.
Deco Nail business makes profit by stability of product quality and customer rotation rate.
We believe that it will diffuse extensively because Deco Nail is easy to use and change for all types of occasions.
Deco Nailist advise customers how to use the stickers, where to place them, matching color, designs and through communicating they feel luxurious and want to come back again.
Maintain low prices, increase the rotation rate in a crowded location, and make a big profit.
This completely different style from the others could develop into something big in the nail industry.

Events: A high-level image, customers want to try it: we can invite the customers who received the nail art at the event to our salon, because it is easier and provide more services at the salon. It is also a great opportunity to get several presonal contacts.


Deco Nail Art can be used on natural,gel,and sculptured nails

1.Paint nail with base coat and color: make sure the nail is dry.

2.When the nail polish is dried, you can take the sticker off and replace it as desired.Stickers from other manufacturers usually cannot be reused, once placed.

3.Choose desired sticker, cut section from film. Place over nail to measure and ensure correct size for desired location before attempting application.

4.Bend the film to release sticker. Once you choose the desired position, place the sticker and press down gently.For sticker with lace, place the edge of the sticker onto your fingernail and slowly stretch it as you apply it.The stickers with lace should not go past the edge of the fingernail.If you stretch the lace sticker too much, the design will change.

5.When using Deco Nail Art handle the stickers with lace carefully. Repeating the process to correct mistakes takes longer. Skillful, quick service gives customers' added satisfactions.

6.Apply the top coat, reapplication of the top coat will help the nail art designs last longer.

7.To remove nail art, use nail polish remover.

Beautiful fingernails are an indication of youth, beauty,and a good life.

Company Overview & History

October 1993: Yubi incorporated.

June 1995: Yubi developed 3D fabric prints, which revolutionized the industry. The 3D print process adopted by two leading Japanese fabric companies, Captain Santa and Narumiya International.Yubi developed the process of preserving ink through a heat-treating process, now known as Hakoberu Print.

October 1997: Other industries began utilizing the Yubi print technology, an example, medical tape (Patent pending).

March 1998: Yubi realized its limitation in the medical tape industry and developed medical glue, which became the prototype of nail art and the body stickers.

April 1999: Yubi began manufacturing nail art and body stickers in a full scale.

November 2000: Yubi acquired a patent for their heat transfer of embroidery on various products of local industry. Yubi acknowledged for stimulation of local economy. Patent number 3129716 received November 17.

February 2005: Yubi won "One Company One Technology" award in Gunma Prefecture.

April 2005: Yubi acquired the manufacturing patent for sheets of body decoration stickers. Patent number 3662569 received April 1. Patent number 3665303 received April 8.

May 2005: Yubi established the Deco Nail Artist Network (DAN) and developed the packing sales system, a novel business model. This began the growth of the Deco Nail Artists' (DAN) Association.

June 2005: Gunma prefecture acknowledged Yubi for excellent products.

January 2006: Yubi acquired the manufacturing patent for skin adhesion of body decoration art. Patent number 3756916 received January 6.

August 2007: Yubi began refining the process of the alkaline electrolysis water. The process disinfected, deodorized and removed oil. This process became adopeted by various industries, including the beauty industry.

September 2007: Yubi acquired an additional manufacturing patent for sheets of body decoration stickers. Patent number 4005011 received August 31.

October 2007: Yubi developed an on-demand fiber print system and began manufacturing own products. The Deco Nail Art division received recognition as a brand by Midori City in Gunma Prefecture.

December 2007: Yubi developed the resin for printing, which diversified the on-demand print system. It enabled the processing of multiple pigments to prints on any cloth type. Yubi introduced a new line of core products for Deco Nail Artists, which expanded the types of decorations on stickers to the beauty industry and the multiple pigment processing technology became available worldwide.